Godfrey amp Wingrsquos new Advanced Powertrain Impregnation system uses a patented dry vacuum and pressure DVP process with a 43 larger work envelope than earlier processes to accommodate larger transmission cases

Godfrey & Wing’s new Advanced Powertrain Impregnation system uses a patented, dry vacuum and pressure (DVP) process, with a 43% larger work envelope than earlier processes, to accommodate larger transmission cases.

Filling the Market’s Need for Porosity Sealing

New technologies include a large-envelope vacuum system for large-volume, light- to medium-weight part impregnation. Fixing aluminum’s flaws Resin coating Dry vacuum and pressure

The steady rise in the volume of aluminum castings being produced, in particular automotive engine and powertrain parts, has spurred a significant expansion in the variety of products and systems for sealing those parts, to address inherent porosity.  While aluminum alloys offer automotive designers an option for producing lightweight parts in high volumes, aluminum castings often present porosity defects, small surface-level holes or cracks that can be permeated by fluids or gases. P

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