Husqvarna chainsaw aluminum cylinder blocks ready for finish machining

Husqvarna chainsaw aluminum cylinder blocks, ready for finish machining.

Power Tool Maker Cuts Risks, Works Longer, and Safer

Cool, lubricated, and odor-free high-throughput machining for aluminum and magnesium diecastings Running hard, fast, hot No tolerance for contamination Saving two days of production

In Huskvarna, Sweden, the diecasting and machining operations at Husqvarna Group’s extensive manufacturing facility produces multiple different aluminum and magnesium castings for the group’s line of power tools, including crankcases, flywheels, cylinders, oil pumps and clutch covers. It uses a multiple processes (melting, casting, machining, honing, and painting) before assembling the parts into finished products.

All the operations are highly automated, and the diecasting an

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