Additive Industriesrsquo MetalFAB1 system is in Beta testing now producing parts for Airbus among other manufacturers

Additive Industries’ MetalFAB1 system is in Beta testing now, producing parts for Airbus, among other manufacturers.

Assessing the Threats of Metal 3D Printing

Manufacturers cast a wary eye at the effects on production, supply chains, and intellectual property Finished-part reproducibility Designing outside current parameters Partnership for sand mold, core production

One of the difficulties of following developments in 3D printing is that there are no dominating trends: R&D initiatives are launched, applications are tested, process technologies mature – and such things (along with other important advances) happen at a pace that is probably unsettling to anyone invested in the prospects of more established manufacturing technologies, for example, metalcasting. Recently PriceWaterhouse Coopers issued a white paper

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