Tupy is among the largest producers of CGI using SinterCast process control technology with highvolume series production on five different molding lines
Beryllium presents two risks of toxic exposure first via soluble beryllium salts which may occur via exposure to the elemental or refined forms of the metal and second via longterm exposure to beryllium oxide usually by inhalation
Tennessee Tool and Fixture will produce molds for forming expanded polystyrene EPS and expanded polypropylene EPP materials plus molds for flexible urethane products blow molds and headliner tooling
Accuride Acquisition Expands Global Presence
A cylinder head cast by Eck Industries using the new CeAl alloy and tested at ORNL
Turbofan engine blades are highly engineered but prone to failure based on the performance of alloys under the strain of high heat and pressure
The 90liter cylinder block cast in CGI by JMC Heavy Duty Vehicle Co using SinterCast process control technology
While the AAM organization consists mainly of forging and machining operations the MPG portfolio includes the Grede Foundry iron foundries and finish machining plants in the US and Mexico
U.S. Manufacturers’ Confidence at 20-Year High, NAM Finds
Reforming Forming and the Concepts Shaping It