The modernized StrikoMelter at eskaacute Zbrojovka a Czech manufacturer of pistols rifles and automatic firearms

The modernized StrikoMelter at Česká Zbrojovka, a Czech manufacturer of pistols, rifles, and automatic firearms.

Aluminum Melting Back on Target

Shaft melting furnace modernization pays off quickly for firearms manufacturer Unavoidable relining Retrofitted shaft-filling level laser New scrap-charging unit

A company called Česká Zbrojovka may be well known to shooting-sports aficionados; the literal translation of the name is Czech Armory, and its CZ brand is found on numerous types of pistols, rifles, and automatic firearms. Still, one of the group’s primary activities is casting aluminum, and recently a comprehensive modernization of its melting system has delivered 40% higher productivity and 20% less energy consumption, returning the capital investment cost in the first year.


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