Flow Science, AlchemCast in Consulting Agreement

Metalcasting researchers will support CFD software developer

CFD software developer Flow Science Inc. reports it has entered into a cooperative agreement with AlchemCast LLC to provide computational fluid dynamics (CFD) consulting services to ferrous and aluminum sand casting operations.

Based in Santa Fe, NM, Flow Science Inc. specializes in transient, free-surface CFD software for industrial and scientific applications, worldwide. Its core product is FLOW-3D, a CFD software that gives engineers insight into physical flow processes.

AlchemCast, Birmingham, AL, is a private research group that specializes in metalcasting industrial processes. AlchemCast researchers assisted Flow Science developers by providing empirical data for validating FLOW-3D’s new core gas generation model.

Under their new agreement, AlchemCast will continue providing supporting data and advice in respect to further developments of FLOW-3D.

“This agreement will enable iron and aluminum foundries to more easily benefit from CFD simulation methods, in order to design and produce their parts better and faster,” stated Flow Science president Thomas S. Jensen, “and us getting greater access to the expertise of the engineers at AlchemCast will be a huge plus for our development process.”

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