Including the tooling and oil the new BuhlerPrince HPDC machine weighs over 1 million lb

Including the tooling and oil, the new BuhlerPrince HPDC machine weighs over 1 million lb.

High-Pressure Diecasting is a Big Deal

A new, 4,500-ton HPDC machine positions Mercury Castings to make larger, lightweight engine and automotive structural parts Largest HPDC in North America Riding automotive trends Expansive possibilities Automated and integrated

The contrast between foundries and diecasters has always been clear to those involved in metalcasting: foundries fill molds with molten metal, controlling the speed, chemical reactions, and other process details to achieve optimal filling, solidification, etc.; diecasters “force” molten metal into a mold cavity (the “die”), using pressure to achieve filling. There are dozens of other process distinctions — but to casting buyers these are not major considerations. They want well-formed p

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