Pattern plates produced with RakuTool PC3458  PH3958 left and RakuTool PC3459  PH3958 right

Pattern plates, produced with Raku-Tool PC-3458 / PH-3958 (left) and Raku-Tool PC-3459 / PH-3958 (right)

Patented System Keeps Patterns, Cores Reliable

“Face casting” offers abrasion resistance, dimensional stability, and extended service Casting resin plus manufacturing process Over 200,000 parts produced High-volume production possibilities

First, the expanded possibilities of computer-aided design (CAD) programs reset the bar for metalcasters to execute more imaginative, detailed, and complex shapes. Now, 3D manufacturing is increasing the challenge for design detail — in particular to investment casters, diecasters, and permanent mold casters, and the design challenge is of course carried into the process. Some new advantages may be available to them from the developers of more standard casting supplies.


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