In a highthroughput setup two a40s are shown operating in parallel processing tended by a robot

In a high-throughput set-up, two a40s are shown operating in parallel processing, tended by a robot.

Purpose-Built Grinding and Finishing for Aluminum Diecasting

HMC designer recognizes that metalcasters need systems with faster, cost-optimized cycle times Cut machining time, unplanned downtime “Intelligent Reduction of Inertia” Workpiece capacity 630x900 mm

As automotive designers aim for lower vehicle weights to achieve higher fuel-economy standards, they are driving automakers to rely on higher volumes of component parts in lighter materials, in particular aluminum and nonferrous alloy diecastings. Metalcasters have options for expanding their melting and casting volumes, but they may not have recognized a cost-saving opportunity without the insight of a machine-tool developer.   

“Diecasting manufacturers are under intense p

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