The finished steel casting formed in a foam mold demonstrating a quottransitive manufacturingquot process

The finished steel casting, formed in a foam mold, demonstrating a "transitive manufacturing" process.

The Transitional Phase for Additive Manufacturing

A start-up company is drawing on metalcasting expertise to challenge, and perhaps to refine, the arguments for AM/3DP Lost-foam for DI, steel, stainless 3DP foam parts for evaporative casting Additive, reflective, transitive manufacturing

Who knows, one day we may look back on the emergence of additive manufacturing (i.e., 3D printing) as first step in a metalcasting renaissance. That may not be a typical outlook among dedicated metalcasters, who rightly recognize 3DP’s edge over casting processes in terms of converting designs into structures. Basically, it avoids the time and effort of developing a mold.  But, to compare their results, additive manufacturing is not obviously better than metalcasting.


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