Didionreg rotary sprue crushercleaner with Conveyor Dynamics vibratory feed conveyor

Didion® rotary sprue crusher/cleaner with Conveyor Dynamics vibratory feed conveyor.

Crushing and Cleaning Sprue Increases Melt Efficiency

Customized rotary system condenses gates, runners, and replaces high-maintenance processes that do not separate sand, debris Customized for aggressive action Boosting energy savings

Foundries worldwide are learning the value of crushing and cleaning embedded sand from gates, runners, and sprue, before charging into their induction furnaces. The Didion® Rotary Sprue Crusher/Cleaner crushes “gangly” sprue for easier handling and provides a better, denser charge for melting. In the same action, sand lumps are reduced to keep them out of the furnaces.

This rotary drum system has been customized for aggressive action to condense the gates and runn

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