The International Foundry Trade Fair or GIFA has been drawing metalcasters and their supplier companies to Duumlsseldorf Germany since 1956

The International Foundry Trade Fair, or GIFA, has been drawing metalcasters and their supplier companies to Düsseldorf, Germany, since 1956.

GIFA Planners Accelerating Schedule, Reset for 2018

Global metalcasting expo and three parallel events to resume on a three-year schedule 78,000 visitors / 2,200 exhibitors in 2018 Reacting to changes, creating appropriate platforms “An appropriate interval”

Messe Düsseldorf, the trade show organizer that presents GIFA and three companion events, announced the next staging is set for 2018, inaugurating a new three-year cycle in place of the four-year sequence that has been the recent pattern.  The 14th Internationale Giesserei-Fachmesse (International Foundry Trade Fair, or GIFA) is now set for June 26-30, 2018 in Düsseldorf, Germany.

The initial staging of the GIFA enterprise happened in 1956, with cycles varying from six, to five, to four years (the latter since 2003.)

The other co-located events — METEC, an expo for primary metal equipment and consumable products; ThermProcess, a trade show for the global thermal processing industry; and NewCast, an exhibition of metalcasting design and production capabilities — also will adopt the new three-year cycle.

“Trade fairs are a reflection of the markets and at the same time provide an insight into industrial trends and developments,” explained Joachim Schäfer, managing director of Messe Düsseldorf. “As a partner to the industry and in close liaison with its associations, it is our mission to react to changes and to create the appropriate platforms for good business and cutting-edge innovations.”

The 2015 staging of the same four events drew 78,000 visitors from more than 120 countries to Düsseldorf in June, comparable to past events according to the planner’s summary statement. More important, the most recent event drew an enthusiastic response from exhibitors, with 2,214 companies registering, and many of them reported successful business transactions with expo visitors from around the world. 56% of the visitors and 51% of the exhibitors were from countries other than Germany, according to Messe Düsseldorf.

In June, MAGMA managing director Dr. Marc C. Schneider said of GIFA 2015: “The atmosphere was unusually positive and the visitors to our stand at the trade fair showed very keen interest in the technical trends in the industry and in the optimization of their processes.”

The news of the schedule revision is apparently popular with exhibitors looking ahead to the next staging. “With digitization and the rapid changes in networked business life, trendsetting activities are becoming increasingly important,” according to Dr. Ioannis Ioannidis, CEO of Oskar Frech GmbH & Co. KG. “It is essential that the leading international trade fair GIFA makes a major contribution here by taking place at an appropriate interval.”

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