FATA Aluminum
FATA Aluminum developed a self-configuring IT application for aluminum foundries to conduct long-term statistical analysis and control of many parameters and process trends; monitor operating parameters of machinery and systems; and conduct traceability to guarantee product quality and component safety for automotive customers.

A New Vision of Connectivity for Foundries

FATA Aluminum’s perspective on IoT would cut downtime, increase throughput, achieve more flexibility, and maximizing eco-friendly performance. "Foundry of the Future" app An eco-friendly objective KPIs worth optimizing

No industrial conference is complete now without some discussion of the Internet of Things (or, Industry 4.0), but typically these presentations are focused on the emergence or advancement of product traceability. For metalcasting, this is a narrow understanding of the potential of IoT, according to FATA Aluminum, which designs plants and machinery for gravity casting and systems for regenerating foundry sand. Now, FATA Aluminum has developed and introduced it’s own vision of IoT

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