NovaCast Takes New Process Control, Simulation Orders

Installs CGI control software at research center

NovaCast Foundry Solutions reports new contracts for its ATAS process control system and NovaFlow&Solid simulation system from foundries in Japan and Sweden, as well as the University of Prague in the Czech Republic.

Annual service and technical support agreements are included in the contracts.

NovaCast Foundry Solutions is a subsidiary of NovaCast Technologies that develops planning, process control, and quality control software for iron and steel foundries. ATAS is a process control system for gray and ductile iron production. The NovaFlow&Solid program simulates and optimizes casting processes.

The company’s products also include the Graphyte software for compacted graphite iron (CGI) production.

NovaCast Technologies develops and markets specialty castings for automotive parts production, e.g. stamping dies. It also develops production process control and simulation software. The group recently reported that its own foundry at the Camito Technology Center in Hastveda, Sweden, has adopted Graphyte for CGI production.

NovaCast Foundry Solution’s CEO Peter Vomacka explained that the group sees “a clear advantage in production with the Graphyte technology at our own site: it allows better control of the continuous effectivization process, while at the same time we can develop certain service functions for customers in the nearby markets.”

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