Parallel Works ldquosupercomputingasaservicerdquo compresses thousands of hours of data analysis into a browserbased resource

Parallel Works “supercomputing-as-a-service” compresses thousands of hours of data analysis into a browser-based resource.

Scaling High-Performance Computing to Manufacturers’ Needs

Start-up is offering Cloud-based, supercomputing, so SMBs can take advantage of Big Data Challenge to small manufacturers Evaluating design, set-up, more Optimizers on demand Only the computing you need

Every business is shaped by “economies of scale,” the principle that there are operating cost advantages related to its size or (in manufacturing, particularly) production volume. Manufacturers more typically express this concept as “productivity”: how can revenue be improved without an adverse affect on capital and operating costs?

But, “productivity” focuses on an enterprise’s specific costs and tends to deemphasize a salient point about “economies of scale,” that is, the fa

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