Each mold and core element of the aluminum alloy twinturbo V12 engine was designed simulated and produced for prototype testing

Each mold and core element of the aluminum alloy, twin-turbo V12 engine was designed, simulated, and produced for prototype testing.

Test, Cast, and Go Fast

Grainger & Worrall Ltd. worked with Aston Martin to develop the power plant for the luxury automaker’s first turbocharged sports car Aluminum alloy blocks, heads Precision sand casting 3D printing cores, molds

With the heightened awareness that quality control principles have spawned in manufacturing, it is a rare foundry that has not adopted one or more of the standard methods for inspecting finished castings: visual inspection, hydrostatic pressure testing, magnetic particle inspection, ultrasonic testing, dye penetrant inspection, or radiography (or even computed tomography/aka CT scanning.) Each has particular strengths and advantages, depending on the casting buyers’ needs or expectation

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