Some manufacturers save on average 20 with a ldquocontinuous energy improvementrdquo program

Some manufacturers save on average 20% with a “continuous energy improvement” program.

4 Simple Ways to Cut Energy Costs Now

If you don’t yet have an energy management program, or can’t get your decision-makers to buy in, you can still find ways to move your plant in the right direction. Identify, repair, and make sure Streamline changeovers Beware of used equipment Ask the right question

Three decades in manufacturing and one more directing continuous energy improvement programs has revealed to me every form of energy waste: Air compressors that run 24-7, even when there’s no work going on at the plant. Leaks that go unnoticed for days, weeks, or sometimes indefinitely. Used equipment that may have saved a few capital-investment dollars but drives up energy use. Does any of this sound familiar to you?   

With the rise of continuous energy improvement programs,

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