Inspecting piston rings for size form and placement in the engine is automated for highvolume production thanks to highaccuracy CCD laser displacement sensors

Inspecting piston rings for size, form, and placement in the engine is automated for high-volume production thanks to high-accuracy CCD laser displacement sensors.

Perfectly Placed Piston Rings Push Productivity

High-volume diesel engine plant uses CCD laser-displacement sensors to complete about 2,500 measurements instantaneously Critical cast parts Checking for presence, positioning Multiple Reflection Cancel algorithm

At Trémery in northeastern France, an engine plant owned and operated by automaker Groupe PSA, produces 6,500 four-cylinder diesel engines every day. It is the world's largest diesel-engine plant and the fourth largest automotive engine plant of any type. While the plant employs 3,740, it operates with a high degree of process automation. Every cylinder on every engine receives a piston, with a piston ring installed by a robot. Each piston ring is split, allowing its ends to be spread a

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