As the level of the product rises to the level of the probe or drops below that level the capacitance measured at the probe changes The Gladiator detects this change and produces an output
Creating Positive Airflow for a Large, Roof-Vented Plant
The cannons were located at opposite ends of the plant directing airflow down the center
OT2 Core laser tracker is lighter than most trackers The total system weight including controllers is just 109 kg This portability makes it an ideal measurement tool for many applications with its 50meter operating range
Mixed-Light Inspection for Inline Casting Assessment
Advancing Inline Quality Control for Castings
Fluidized-Bed Scrubber for Gas Absorption, Particulate Collection
With a portable CMM arm PCMM and laptop on the shop floor parts can be scanned with the data points sent upstream for instant analysis comparison to the CAD file the CAM program comparable machines in the shop producing the same or similar parts and other actions in an information stream
Some manufacturers save on average 20 with a ldquocontinuous energy improvementrdquo program
Both pH and ADV tests of foundry sands indicate acidity and basicity but in different ways Both help to indicate changes in sand and in binder reactivity