Signicast Orders New AS/RS Installations

Two inventory-management systems for investment casting foundries

Signicast Investment Castings ordered two automated storage and retrieval systems from TGW Logistics Group GmbH, for its two foundries in Hartford and Milwaukee, WI. Signicast is one of the largest-volume producers of steel investment castings in the U.S. Earlier this year it broke ground adjacent to the Hartford plant, where it plans to add a new secondary processing cell by mid 2012, and a new investment casting cell in 2013.

"More and more companies are replacing original automation systems, and those putting in their first systems are much more knowledgeable about the solutions that are available to them," according to Larry Strayhorn, president and CEO of TGW Systems (US).

TGW develops automated logistics programs for warehousing, manufacturing, order handling, and distribution. It said Signicast would install two of its Mustang Evolution automated mini logistics systems early in 2012, one for heat-treated parts and one to work as a shipping buffer for finished goods.

The Mustang Evolution is a warehousing and inventory management system anchored by a single-mast stacker crane. The developer emphasized the system matches advanced technology requirements with “newer engineering approaches to reach (the) highest energy efficiency.” The installation has an optimal height of 39 ft., matching the needs of most “mini-load applications.”

The installation is described as having a sturdy, lightweight construction with an “improved center of gravity,” so the operation will reach maximum speed without using a top drive.

"TGW's more advanced technology offering, both from their equipment and from their staff made for a solution that completely matched to our requirements," Signicast’s Tom Resch stated in a release. "The TGW approach to our solution was innovative and their attention to detail top notch."

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