ldquoUnderstandingrdquo was Edward Gibbonrsquos implicit purpose in undertaking Decline and Fall he realized the precariousness of civil society and the value it provides to the great as well as the common individuals even in an imperfect civilization
To get the results you want you must understand the reality of your situation Five lessthanobvious commonsense steps will help you do that and avoid wasting time and resources
Most Americans live with undisguised disdain or resentment of ldquothe other halfrdquo they believe opposes them Most Americans it follows feel justified in punishing those they pretend would deny them some privilege
A society increasingly shaped by consumerism has no vision for civilized life only individual claims to success Itrsquos an empty feeling
Businesses stand to lose more than 100 billion per year to cyberattacks and fraud globally mdash and surveys show itrsquos a top concern for your clients customers and contractors
The Internet of Things Gets Real
Technology is transforming manufacturing into something completely different than what it was 10 years ago mdash and is quickly changing the expectations for individual manufacturers and their workers
Markets donrsquot end they adjust and the last adjustment imbued US businesses with an extraordinary aversion to risk What would be a rational response now
Employee engagement begins with employees feeling connected and invested in a companyrsquos mission and direction and continues with them trusting its leadership
Products are not made better or worse because of their point of origin ndash but rather by how well the supplier suits the requirements of the customer Thatrsquos why many manufacturers are able to gain a new advantage by reshoring