Foundry Metalcasting Weekly - May 16th, 2024
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Foundry Metalcasting Weekly

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Vacuum Cap furnace technology combines the advantages of air melting with vacuum refining for ferrous and nonferrous metals, to improve alloy purity, composition control, and metallurgical quality, and to reduce rejects.
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From damp knockout sand plants & dry shot blasting processes to electric furnaces, Foundries have their own unique particulate monitoring requirements. With over 50 years of experience, let us guide you to the perfect monitoring solution for both fully MACT compliance solutions and process enhancements providing lower operating costs, increased filter availability, and reduced energy usage.

A German ferrous foundry ordered twin coreless induction furnaces plus a shared IGBT frequency inverter package, “to gain independence and flexibility” and contribute to climate protection.

For foundries today, environmental compliance is a must. But being greener also means being more profitable. As a leading foundry partner, ENVEA offers plug-and-play solutions for dust monitoring, environmental compliance, and process optimization. These solutions support lower energy costs, a higher return on investment and reduced scrap wastage – so you can benefit instantly from higher profits.

The group’s Mexican aluminum diecasting plant will add five new, large high-pressure diecasting machines in expectation of future demand from EV programs.
We’ve got a power complex – but keeping it reliable and strengthening it to perform amid growing demand for electricity and increasingly narrow standards for availability is a complicated matter, and understanding why is not well understood by power users.
Strategy means deciding if the short term is your focus or the long term is your goal. A strong foundation will set you up for long-term success.
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A handheld instrument measures refractory brick up to 11.8 in. (300 mm.) in furnaces, for cement, dolomite, magnesite or fireclay bricks.
The RWK 6/12-2 is equipped with automated workpiece handling so it can be integrated into connected manufacturing lines, and customized software provides process and cost transparency, and minimizes personnel requirements.