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SeaCast's New Butte Facility To Cast Engine Parts

New titanium foundry to produce piping, tubing, and ducting for commercial jet engines

SeaCast announced that it will be building high-tech parts for Unison Industries, a wholly owned subsidiary of General Electric Corp. based in Ohio, at its new titanium foundry in Butte, MT. This will be a continuation of an existing partnership in which SeaCast has been casting aerospace parts for Unison over the last seven years.

In July, the new titanium vacuum melting facility opened, widening SeaCast's alloy capabilities. According to Unison director of operations Matt Kress, the facility will need additional equipment and workforce, as well as training for the new engine line. He explained that Unison will assist SeaCast with those needs. "It really is building new capability that we don't have here today in Butte," he said.

SeaCast vice president Bert Robins added that the details of the agreement are still being worked out, but the new facility is big enough to handle the additional equipment. The company is in the process of hiring production workers and engineers for the Butte facility.

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