Bronze Caster Setting Up Indian Operation

Wisco to expand non-European sales to 1,000 mt this year

The Wisco Group, a Spanish company that produces bronze castings for bearings, gears, flanges, and numerous other products, has plans to set up manufacturing at Pune, India. The company calls itself the market leader for bronze alloys in Spain, and reportedly exports 75% of its output. It expects to increase non-European sales from 500 to 1,000 metric tons this year.

The group’s continuous cast and centrifugally cast alloy products are supplied to machining operations, automotive suppliers, the renewable power sector, and railway products suppliers.

Last year, it established Wisco India Pvt. Ltd., a sales office for bronze castings produced in Spain. This year, Wisco is adding warehouse space there, and new plans call for it to be expanded with the addition of machining capability for semi-finished castings. Two machine centers reportedly have been ordered with an investment estimated at $1.86 million.

Wisco noted it sold over 100 metric tons of bronze products in India, southern Asia, and the Persian Gulf states in 2011, and it said it plans to increase that amount to 1,000 metric tons by 2013 — a volume that would justify installing more manufacturing capability there.

Wisco India Pvt. Ltd. expects to recruit other companies to co-locate in the Pune area, to develop manufacturing synergies in India on a campus it plans to develop.

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