Patent Landscape Mapping for Foundry Chemicals

TerraCaptus LLC developed a tool that allows users to customize intellectual property maps, with a focus on ease of use and understanding. 

The Intellectual Property (IP) landscape in which a company operates has significant implications in the same way that regulatory requirements and macro-economic conditions impact its financial prospects. 

More specifically, analyzing the intellectual property landscape for foundry chemicals can reveal a more comprehensive understanding of the innovation in this industry, as well as the positions that key players hold on the landscape.

TerraCaptus LLC developed a tool that allows you to define highly customized IP maps with a focus on ease of use and understanding by individuals – specifically, individuals in non-legal roles in an organization who are most inclined to have need for deeper insight to the patented assets defined as “intellectual property.” 

The TerraCaptus Patent Map is the first true patent map adapted to permit user definition of layout, distribution of assets, and ranking of each asset based on a customizable metric, such as patent strength, relevance of the patent to product lines, litigation risk, and more.

This tool is well suited to analyzing the breadth of IP within a particular technology — for example, Foundry Chemicals — and to support a deep understanding of the strategic IP positions of the subject companies.

Readers are welcomed to explore the interactive IP map of the Foundry Chemicals landscape prepared through this analysis.

Periodic monitoring of intellectual property status using a patent landscape mapping tool will help organizations to make better decisions on planning and deploying R&D resources.

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