Foundry Metalcasting Weekly - Jun 11th, 2024
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Foundry Metalcasting Weekly

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Collaboration and modularity are becoming conventional, and automation technology developers are bringing forth functions that make the devices perform more efficiently and effectively.
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Foundries worldwide benefit from CONVEYOR DYNAMICS vibratory equipment utilizing their Dyna Sync Dynamic Drive System™, the most advanced vibratory technology worldwide.

An initiative of federal agencies and academic bodies are coordinating educational plans to counter a “critical” lack of metalcasting and other workers capable of supporting U.S. defense strategies.

FS&D provides complete Engineering & Consulting Services to the Foundry Industry. Staffed with highly experienced engineers, we provide operational assistance, facility layout & design, project management, foundry automation, system integration and installation services.

Maintaining air and gas temperatures at a high level improves the productivity and environmental impact of conventional cold-box coremaking operations.
Just because your old rotary drums are showing their age doesn’t mean they need to be fully replaced. With GK’s LOCK-TITE™ Rotary Drum Liners, you can keep your old drum performing like brand new. Learn how with this customer success story!
Just because you’re online, promoting yourself and your work, doesn’t mean you are building a brand.
Editor's Choice

EXAIR’s low-cost air movers use patented airflow technology to move high volumes of room air using only a small amt of compressed air. Output airflows are 25 times air consumption rate. Ideal for exhausting smoke, drying, maintaining uniform heat.

Patent-pending, small footprint design prevents contamination build-up, has a high-purity environment, and supports additive manufacturing, MIM, and PM part production.
Thanks to a new partnership, all Kawasaki robots will be available for use on the Olis Robotics remote-control and monitoring system.