Both pH and ADV tests of foundry sands indicate acidity and basicity but in different ways Both help to indicate changes in sand and in binder reactivity
Smartphone App for Vibratory Equipment Monitoring
ldquoWith the improvements to the new camera users can detect problems sooner and when paired with the telephoto lens at greater distancesrdquo according to Lenny Shaver senior director for product management
Readersrsquo responses define business conditions in metalcasting its recent performance and its future prospectsFMampT counts on readers for the information that bring us up to date on the state of metalcasting in North America Each year during October FMampT surveys metalcasters to measure the outlook of men and women working in North Americarsquos foundries and diecasting plants We seek to identify the problems they face in their businesses in the supply chain and the economy to learn what plans theyrsq
As 2017 arrives metalcasters can be confident they have the personnel insights and resources to drive growth What they need is the opportunity to grow
Willman Industries adopted a handheld Eva structured light scanner developed by Artec 3D to collect data on castings weighing up to 30000 lbs
The HPC4Mfg program links experts at DOE labs with manufacturers to show the latter how to adopt or advance their use of highperformance computing to resolve manufacturing challenges toward greater energy efficiency reduced environmental impacts and more advanced clean energy technologies
Inspecting Castings, Tracing Quality for Modern Foundries
Thomas Winkel and Dirk vom Stein take a holistic view of the operating challenges to modern foundries in regard to process defects and product quality and the technologies available to manage the problems and optimize the results