Ford Assigns Contract for Melting Equipment to Kuttner

Two replacement cupolas for Cleveland Casting Plant

Ford Motor Co. awarded to Kuttner L.L.C., Port Washington, WI, a contract to supply two complete cupola melt centers to replace existing equipment at Ford Powertrain Operations’ Cleveland (OH) Casting Plant.

“Cupola capacity will be 75 ton/hour each,” a Kuttner release states. “Gray iron and ductile iron will be melted. The melt systems are designed to comply with the new EPA mandate iron and steel foundry MACT environmental standards. Design elements include top-gas combustion, recuperative hot blast, dry flue cooling, and a Lhr baghouse. The melt systems feature state-of-the-art controls, scrap-feeder batching, and vertical-lift charging, employing a bottom-door bucket.”

Kuttner L.L.C. is the U.S. subsidiary of Kttner GmbH & Co., K.G., Essen, Germany.

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