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Foundry Solutions & Design

Foundry SolutionsDesign (FSD), headquartered in Atlanta, provides complete engineering and consulting services to the foundry industry. FSD (Booth No. 1951) develops recommendations for customized, high performance manufacturing systems, for all foundry applications including melting, core making, molding, material handling, and finishing. With a wealth of casting processing and facility knowledge, both in-house and through our international partners, Blastman and Inspectomation, FSD's customers are well served with the experience gained from many years in the foundry industry. As low cost global competitors emerge, it becomes necessary to reduce cost in order to survive. For this reason, FSD has been particularly active in helping foundries reduce labor costs, by focusing on automation of core making/handling, casting finishing and inspection. Partnering with several excellent European suppliers of automated robotic core handling, casting cleaning, finishing, inspection, and material handling equipment has resulted in mechanized systems that are second to none. This allows foundries to fully realize their potential in cost reduction and improved quality.

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