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MAGMA offers comprehensive solutions to the metal casting industry, casting buyers and casting designers worldwide.

MAGMA Foundry Technologies Inc.
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Autonomous optimization is here!! 

Yes, you have been optimizing, but you have been doing it manually! Set up once, simulate many , assess once…

With MAGMASOFT, you set the parameters and the software does the work for you!

In the end, after all the possible configurations that could be run within your parameters are complete, you will analyze the results and choose the optimal, most cost effective quality part.

No need to sacrifice anything! It’s all done for you. Compromise and the unknown are no longer issues.

MAGMA offers comprehensive solutions to the metal casting industry, casting buyers and casting designers worldwide. The complete MAGMA experience includes our software product, training and ongoing support and accessibility to experienced MAGMA foundry engineers. Together this ensures solid casting designs and the optimization of cast components across the industry.

MAGMA was founded in 1988 and is headquartered in Aachen, Germany. We offer a global presence and support system to serve our customers with subsidiaries in the USA, Singapore, Brazil, Czech Republic, South Korea, Turkey, India and China. In addition, MAGMA has more than 30 qualified partners representing MAGMA around the world.

The Benefits of MAGMASOFT

Not thinking outside the box? MAGMASOFT will do it for you …

•  Optimization that used to be done manually is now done autonomously
•  Essentially, you set up your process parameters once, but many results are calculated
•  It is more versatile
•  It is more personal
•  A built-in queue offers more productivity
•  Improved assessment prospective
•  Root cause analysis
•  More structured – ranges cast a wider net
•  Analyze multiple simulations in multiple ways
•  Creates ease of communication within your organization and with your customers
•  Minimizes risk by considering more at once
•  Advanced process knowledge – discover relationships between variables you never would have found before
•  Virtual process audit
•  Frees up capacity

Once and done, MAGMASOFT frees up the engineers to focus on more important aspects of their jobs while it frees up production, so your equipment is utilized exclusively for the production of quality parts. The time of trial and error being done on the shop floor is over.