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Sinto America

Modernizing Molding

April 11, 2024
A green-sand iron foundry has positioned itself for growth with the installation of a new flaskless molding system and automation platform.



Foundry Quiz: What Do You Know About Sand?

March 12, 2024
This resource is so fundamental that it defies ordinary consideration – but there is a lot to know about this most basic material, and a lot that can be learned about how it’s...
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Issues and Ideas

More Uncertainty Ahead for Supply Chains

April 2, 2024
Global trade seemed to be stabilizing at the end of 2023. What can be done now to reestablish long-term resilience and stability?
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Protecting Manufacturing from Cyber-Threats

April 1, 2024
Many manufacturers operate on aging infrastructure that no longer supports updates – or is incompatible with modern cybersecurity solutions. You must think outside the box to ...
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Issues and Ideas

Four Requirements for Successful Nearshoring

March 1, 2024
Regionalization boosts supply-chain and manufacturing resiliency, speeds time-to-market, and brings other business and environmental benefits to operations that source parts nearer...


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ASI International

Managing Induction Furnace Slag Build-Up

Feb. 1, 2024
Fluxing will eliminate build-up on sidewalls, improve slag fluidity, improve electrical efficiency, keep furnace volumes and ladles constant, and extend refractory life.
Issues and Ideas

2024 State of the Industry Report

Jan. 17, 2024
Foundry and diecasting decisionmakers offer their insights on the state of the metalcasting industry.
Onex Inc.
Stripping the shape

Know Your Precast Refractories

Jan. 11, 2024
Optimal product performance in the toughest environments is the goal. Knowledge of the best available technology and innovative processes are the difference between success and...