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eBook: Maximizing Iron Melting

Feb. 18, 2021
Ferrous foundries can do more to recognize the chemistry and manage the processes that improve casting productivity and quality.

Oxygen atoms’ presence in molten iron produces many harmful effects, nearly all unknown to iron foundries. Steelmakers and steel foundries treat molten metal with aluminum, to tie up free-oxygen atoms, but this is counter-effective for iron casting because aluminum is associated with pinhole defects.

Oxidation losses make up a significant portion of an iron foundry’s operating costs. And, iron melting can be a simpler process when the free-oxygen atoms are under control.  Knowing how to treat molten iron to minimize oxidation calls for a comprehensive analysis of ferrous metallurgy and melting processes, and a fresh approach to treatment methods.

Removing free oxygen from molten metal produces significant savings, too. It’s an easily attained goal.

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