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Since its origin in 1950, Carrier has been recognized as the industry leader in designing and building foundry equipment. Our unique capabilities have served metalcasters around the world longer than any other full-line vibrating equipment manufacturer. Leaders in innovation, holding multiple patents, Carrier specializes in state-of-the-art applied technology for the most efficient and reliable foundry equipment available to meet the industry’s needs.

Unique Solutions for the Foundry Industry
Conveyors and Feeders: Carrier’s Natural-Frequency vibrating equipment utilizes a drive tuned in resonance with the spring-supported weight system. Most of the force required to vibrate the trough is alternatively stored and released by springs. Power requirements are minimal.

Fluid Bed Sand Coolers: Carrier’s patented fluidizing drilled decks evenly distribute air into the sand bed, preventing hole pluggage and maximizing thermal efficiency. Air volume controls regulate and maintain supply and exhaust air volumes at a constant preset level. A special hood design minimizes dusting and produces more uniform exhaust velocities. The result is consistent return sand temperature and moisture content.

Delta-Phase® Shakeouts: The Delta-Phase® Shakeout improves foundry profitability by reducing maintenance costs, eliminating or reducing casting damage, and maximizing sand removal. The heart of the Delta Phase® Shakeout is the process controller. Through precise vibration angle control, the Delta-Phase® Shakeout allows the operator to manage the conveying speed and retention time of castings on the shakeout deck–optimizing sand removal.

Barrel Horse™ Shakeouts: The Barrel Horse Sand and Casting Processor is a proven one-step solution to casting damage and sand mix problems. Unlike conventional rotary shakeouts that lift and drop castings, the Barrel Horse action allows castings to swim in the sand, constantly blending via vibratory motion. Through this agitation and mixing method, castings are gently cleaned, excellent heat transfer occurs for a cooler casting, and sand lumps are reduced for homogeneous return sand.