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Posi-flate manufactures a complete line of material handling products specially tailored for the demanding applications of the foundry industry. These products include the Posi-flate Inflatable Seated Butterfly Valve, the VIBRA-GATE valve, VMAX linear vibrator and Gravity Diverter. The Posi-flate butterfly valve is unmatched in handling abrasive materials such as sand, feldspar, fly ash, mold sand and other materials. Additions to the Posi-flate butterfly valve line have brought the allowable pressure ratings to 135 psi, and versions can now be used at temperatures up to 650 degrees F. Posi-flate butterfly valves use air to inflate a seat against the disc to provide better sealing and prevent wear due to disc impingement. Standard sizes are available from 2" to 30" and fit ANSI and metric flanges. Posi-flate offers multiple options for materials of construction and ten different seat materials to ensure the best performance from the valve with the least expense.


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