Inductotherm Corp., an Inductotherm Group Company, based in Rancocas, NJ, is the worldwide leader in induction technology, designing and manufacturing the most advanced induction melting, heating, holding and pouring systems for processing virtually all types of metals and materials.

Inductotherm Corp.
10 Indel Avenue, P.O. Box 157
Rancocas, NJ  08073-0157
Toll Free:    888-INDUCTO
Fax: 609-267-3537
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Officers / Management
Satyen N. Prabhu
President & CEO
Michael H. Nutt
Director of Sales
Charles H. Fink
VP — Customer Relations & Training

Inductotherm Group Manufacturing, Sales and Services Facilities
Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Spain, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, U.K. U.S.A.

Melt Shop Solutions

Inductotherm Corp., an Inductotherm Group Company based in Rancocas, NJ, is the world’s leading supplier of melt shop equipment and automation systems with over 60 years of continuous service to the foundry industry. We build induction melting, holding, heating, pouring and coating systems for virtually all metals and materials. Furnace capacities range from a few troy ounces to furnaces holding hundreds of tons. Our induction power supply systems range in size from 10 kW to 42,000 kW and are installed in more than 129 countries.

Inductotherm’s product line also encompasses a full range of charging and preheating systems, melt shop computer control systems, automated pouring systems, water cooling systems and much more.

From the automotive industry to agriculture, from renewable energy sources to aero­space,

Inductotherm provides efficient and reliable systems to our customers that help advance a multitude of industries around the globe..

Service & Support

We set the world standard for customer service and support and we continue to expand. With 17 manufacturing facilities, an additional 52 sales/service locations and 41 representatives in 53 countries—we provide local support no matter where you are.

Proven in more than 32,500 installations worldwide, our equipment is designed and built to withstand the most demanding production conditions. Immediate response, extensive technical knowledge, in-depth experience, readily available parts and a company-wide dedication to customer satisfaction are the hallmarks of our unparalleled customer service and support. Our Aftermarket team is best equipped to keep your Inductotherm equipment in top shape, whether it be for an upgrade, repair, rebuild or preventative maintenance..

Advanced Solutions on Display

Inductotherm proudly displayed our most technologically advanced induction melting equipment through a variety of equipment displays and interactive touchscreens at the recent AFS CastExpo Show.

Several of our newest and most notable equipment featured and available to the metalcasting industry today included:
•  Our patented ARMS® System, which uses a melt deck robot to further increase worker safety.
•  Our Tilt-Pour System, which uses a furnace to melt in close proximity to the point of pour.
•  Our iSense Melt Shop Data Visualization System, which is the future of advanced diagnostics.
•  Our patent-pending Molten Metal Leak Detector (MMLD) Systems, which offer enhanced protection when used with our
Inducto-Mesh application.

We proved once again why Inductotherm is the leader in induction melting technology. We have the most advanced, efficient and reliable induction melting systems in the world today and we look forward to continuing to advance the industry.

In case you missed us, contact us today so we can discuss your melting needs, and we’ll work to design the right product for you.