Arc Flash PPE Task Wear

CEMENTEX, a specialty supplier of personal protective equipment and apparel (PPE) offers a simple option for individuals working in areas near energized equipment, without sacrificing quality or safety – the Contractor series of arc-flash protective clothing.

The Contractor series provides a total system of arc-rated protective clothing with kits that include hood, hard hat, coats, pants, coveralls, ear canal hearing protection, and safety glasses or goggles, as well as optional gloves and hard hat liners or balaclavas, as needed.

This PPE is available in 8 CAL/cm² and 40 CAL/cm² levels of protection and complies with the NFPA 70E® and CSA Z462 standards. It covers Category 1 and 2 with the 8 CAL/cm², and Category 3 and 4 with the 40 CAL/cm² for complete protection with minimal redundancy.

The 40 CAL/cm² Contractor series of arc flash PPE task wear is compatible with a ventilation system that ensures greater air circulation, provides cooling, reduces the risk of dehydration, and makes long-term wear easier and safer for users.

In addition to the Contractor aeries of arc flash protective clothing PPE, Cementex offers the Feature aeries for comfort, safety, durability and protection; and the UltraLite series, with design and materials for “the lightest, most comfortable arc flash PPE task wear available.”

All Cementex PPE is made with USA labor and materials.

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