Hydraulic Trimming Press for Megacastings

German supplier ABK PRESSENBAU und Automation, working with Aulbach Trimming Technology, has developed a hydraulic trimming press for “megacast” parts. Megacasting, or gigacasting, is the high-pressure diecasting process now emerging for producing large-dimension, unitary components for automotive structures. Like many diecast parts, mega/gigacastings must be trimmed after they are released from the mold.

The concept of trimming diecastings with a press and mold is based on an established procedure that can be found in foundries worldwide. The advantages of punch trimming are well-known: short cycle times, defined contour cut with adjustable knives and high repeat accuracy, trimming removal through the table opening, return of the trimmed material to the melting furnace, as well as a straightening effect.

The new generation of ABK hydraulic trimming presses and tools – the SP 30/23-4-300 – has a 3,000 x 2,300-mm column passage, 3,000 x 3,000-mm clamping size, and 300 metric tons of pressing force.

The trimming tools are changed fully automatically.

The machine can be installed together with an immersion cooling basin in sizes up to 3,000 x 3,000 mm, to receive individual megastings after trimming.

In terms of size and geometry, the trimming presses have proven to be effective for diecast parts. abk builds machines of this type in series production, and has logged 17 orders: seven presses have already been delivered, and several machines are currently under construction. “There is already a high degree of standardization and many examples of successful implementation,” according to abk.

In addition to the large machines, the company’s standard program of smaller presses will continue, along with general overhauls and comprehensive service for all machine sizes.

Learn more at www.abk-pressenbau.de