Engineered Shape, Ceramic-Grain Abrasives

SAINT-GOBAIN ABRASIVES is introducing Norton RazorStar fiber discs, quick-change discs, and belts featuring a new, engineered shaped ceramic grain for tough grinding applications. A combination of razor-sharp grains with a supersized grinding aid helps to significantly reduce heat generation for cooler cuts and longer life on a range of materials, such as carbon steel, aluminum, stainless steel, nickel alloys, and other hard-to-grind metals.

The engineered shaped grain in Norton RazorStar belts and discs features a consistent shape from grain-to-grain along with razor-sharp cutting points, allowing high cut rates and material removal. For long, unparalleled abrasives life, the patented geometry and tough microstructure allow the grain to stay sharp as new cutting points are exposed when the grain fractures.

RazorStar abrasive products also feature a very high concentration of grains that are oriented in an upright position, so the abrasives are ready to cut and aggressively perform at their sharpest point.

“RazorStar fiber discs have raised the bar and are setting the standard in grinding productivity and quality,” stated product manager Jeremy Spencer. “We are seeing an up to 50% cutting performance improvement compared with other ceramic discs on the market today, and we are very excited to offer our customers new abrasive discs that will take their grinding performance to a new level of efficiency when removing welds, grinding, beveling and doing heavy deburring.”

RazorStar belts, designed for medium- to high-pressure metal removal in robotic or off-hand applications, are producing the same number of parts with fewer belts and less machining and changeover time, while consuming less energy.

The new RazorStar fiber discs, quick-change discs and belts are offered in 36-grit:

RazorStar fiber discs are available from 4.5 to 9 in., in 7/8 hole, speed-change, and AVOS discs, for MRO, metal fabrication, welding, oil and gas, energy and ship building projects.

RazorStar™ quick-change discs are available in two and three inch sizes, and feature a strong backing that stands up to extreme pressure when removing stock, deburring, beveling and blending, and are especially well suited for aerospace, MRO, metal fabrication, welding and energy industry applications.

RazorStar belts are made-to-order and are ideal for impact grinding, robotic or off-hand applications in markets such as foundry, aerospace, automotive, metal fabrication, oil and gas and general engineering.

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