New, Petite Piston Pump

BLASTCRETE EQUIPMENT LLC’s latest concrete pump is the X-40D Swing Tube Piston Pump. The X-40D is a compact pump, capable of pumping concrete in a variety of aggregate sizes, but small enough to be mounted on a trailer.

According to Scott Knighton, a Co-CEO of Blastcrete, the X-40D’s design was influenced by feedback from contractors and customers, leading the company to opt for a tactile control panel over a touchscreen and to include a wireless remote-control function.

“Although touchscreens have become common with this equipment, our design eliminates them because customer feedback indicated they are difficult to operate when wearing gloves wet with concrete,” Knighton said, in a statement.

The X-40D is a small pump designed for effective mobility. In addition to its remote-control function, which lets operators run it at a distance, the pump weighs 7,080 pounds, sits on a built-in trailer, and includes four crane eyes to make it easier to position while suspended.

Despite its small size, the X-40D includes a unique piston-pump design to enable it to move a high volume of concrete efficiently. The 6-inch by 39-inch swing tube Pulsar piston-pump, designed by Italian pump-maker Mecbo SRL, uses a long stroke to push concrete through the system, minimizing mechanical motion. The efficiency of the long-stroke system reduces energy consumption by about a third and reduces required maintenance.

According to Blastcrete, the pump can pump a total of 40 cubic yards of concrete per hour at 1,000 psi piston face pressure through its 5-inch discharge. The pump can move concrete with a variety of aggregate sizes, handling rocks as large as 1.5 inches.

Optionally, the X-40D can also be ordered to include an auto-lubrication system and a 12 VDC Screen Vibrator. It can be powered by a 72-horsepower Yanmar 4TNV98CT-NKW diesel engine, a 74-HP Deutz TD2.9 diesel engine, or a 75-HP electric motor.

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