Hanging Rail Shot-Blasting Systems

AGTOS overhead conveyor blast machines are among the most flexible blast machine types. They are used for a variety of workpieces, to remove rust or scale; to perform final sanding, deburring, and finish blasting of sensitive components; or for roughening surfaces for subsequent coating.

They are generally offered as batch or continuous systems, though there are numerous intermediate forms that are oriented toward rail guidance of the suspended track system. In many cases, machining processes such as blasting, painting and subsequent drying can be connected by the suspended track.

Further variations are possible by using various beam frames to help feed the workpieces into the shot-blasting machine. In many cases, standard beam frames with plates, baskets, or bars can serve, though customized installations are offered.

The workpieces are suspended from a blasting frame or directly from the rotating hooks of the travelling gear and pushed to just in front of the steel machine. An automatic infeed device transports them to the first blasting position.

Once the program has started, the machine door is automatically closed and locked electro-pneumatically. The workpieces are blasted while rotating in three positions according to the preset blasting time.

The abrasive is kept in circulation and cleaned for continuous use.

The cleaned abrasive is fed from the abrasive hopper to the high-performance turbines via the abrasive dosing device.

At the end of the blasting cycle and after the turbines have come to a standstill, the machine door opens automatically and the workpiece hanger returns to its starting position.

A fan generates the necessary negative pressure to ensure dust-free operation of the blasting systems. The extracted air is cleaned by a filter system.

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