Remote Monitoring, Error Recovery for Robots

OLIS ROBOTICS announced it would form a partnership to make its platform for remotely interfacing and correcting errors with robots available for KAWASAKI ROBOTICS INC. robots.

Olis, which runs an eponymous system for remote monitoring, control, and troubleshooting of industrial robotics, will enable its users to interface with Kawasaki’s robots using on-premise devices with a secure, direct connection starting in 2024, theoretically reducing troubleshooting and downtime by 90%.

The system is reportedly suited for small and large operations, and Olis says its system is both safe and secure: Olis, the system, obeys each robot’s safety restrictions, and the company says its direct-connection model avoids security complications associated with cloud-based connections.

Paul Marcovecchio, a director at Kawasaki, said in a statement that his company has seen new demand for robots that can operate and recover from errors from a distance.

Partnering with Olis, Marcovecchio said, will let companies of various sizes that use Kawasaki’s robots to “easily and cost-effectively monitor, access and recover their robot cells remotely.”

Olis Robotics CEO Fredrik Ryden said Kawasaki was a good fit to partner with Olis thanks to its highly customizable robot arms and network of robotics integrators. In a statement, Ryden said that the remote monitoring system enabled by his company would let Kawasaki robotics integrators do their jobs faster thanks to the new remote support capabilities, calling Kawasaki “a perfect match” for Olis.

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