Entry-Level Melting System

ABP INDUCTION introduced a new furnace design, rounding out its portfolio to provide an entry-scale model for small companies, research institutes, or engineering offices aiming to set up production. The target for the EcoLine furnace is companies seeking a system that balances economical investment, high reliability, and appropriate production capacities. “These are markets that feature a broad base of small, often family-run operations that require economical solutions for small-scale production with different types of metals,“ explained Patrick Lück, sales support engineer at ABP.

The compact design also addresses other target groups that have an interest in small, easy-to-use furnace systems with comparatively small production capacity. “One example might be research and development facilities looking for small systems to produce experimental alloys, or training facilities to train new foundry employees in the basics of metallurgy and furnace operation,“ offered Byron McCall.

EcoLine is also of particular interest to start-ups and engineering firms that want to set up their own production facilities in order to become more independent. “With the development of EcoLine, we are responding to the wishes of customers from these target groups: quickly available and easy to commission, inexpensive to operate and purchase.“

“EcoLine is based on the proven and well-known FS series, but is implemented in a simplified way for non-specific, cross-industry use. The straightforward design is indicative of what the EcoLine is for: melting,“ McCall said.

“EcoLine is modular, so a certain size and performance range can be covered - and the lead times from order to delivery are very short,“ Lück related, noting the plug-and-play concept that allows customers to install and commission the system themselves. “We want everything to be as simple as possible: The customer can put the right furnace together using our web configurator, have it installed by the customer‘s team of technicians, and also commission and operate the furnace themselves,“ he said.

ABP offers a homogeneous, well-rounded melting solution that combines experience and new technologies into a broad-based system. “In the spirit of creating good and lasting relationships with its customers, ABP wants to start this relationship earlier, from the very beginning, so to speak,“ Lück said: “Customers who have had positive experiences with their first system will usually take the next step with the same supplier. EcoLine offers great potential for this.“

Learn more at ecoline.abpinduction.com