Intelligent Blast Media Flow Control

RÖSLER’s patent-pending “intelligent” shell valve, the PowerLine, ensures that turbine shotblasting intensity is automatically adjusted to different blasting requirements. This ensures optimal operating conditions. The adjustment takes place independently from the turbine RPM and without time-consuming manual adjustment of the blast media flow. As such, equipment malfunctions and operator errors are largely eliminated, and the overall process and equipment safety is significantly improved. This process optimization, along with a lower blast media consumption and lower energy input, results in a high cost-efficiency of the shotblasting process.

Turbines determine a machine’s blast performance, the required cycle times and the costs of a shotblast process. Until now - during the commissioning of a new blast machine, the creation of workpiece-specific programs, a blast media change and during maintenance work – time-consuming adjustments of the blast media flow were required to achieve optimal operating conditions.

In this respect the turbine speed (RPM) plays an essential role: If turbine speed is reduced, it decreases the amperage draw and the blast media throughput. The new, “intelligent” shell valve from Rösler allows the automatic, optimal adjustment and control of the blast performance independently from the turbine RPM.

At the heart of this new system is an innovative shell valve. Through special sensors the valve opening is automatically adjusted to the specified blast media flow. To determine the opening, a special software was developed that takes the parameters amperage draw, throwing speed and blast media flow into consideration.

One feature of this software is that, with the menu “setting of the blast media flow” it allows the automatic creation of separate programs for each turbine within a few minutes. Manual adjustments are no longer required. Operators enter the optimal operating parameters for the respective shotblast process, such as throwing speed, blast media flow or amperage draw, at the operating panel. If, for example, a high workpiece throughput is required, the operator can simply increase the blast media flow and the throwing speed. For processing delicate workpieces, it is possible to reduce the media flow and throwing speed to a value that prevents damage to the work pieces.

The PowerLine valve also shortens cycle times. No complicated and time-consuming adjustments of the shell are required. Equipment malfunctions and operator errors can be eliminated, and the shotblasting processes run with a higher degree of stability and consistency – and so unplanned equipment downtimes can be prevented.

At the same time this “Intelligent” solution produces significant energy savings. Moreover, individual shotblasting programs for new workpieces can be easily created and saved in the PLC. And complex shotblasting processes requiring different blast media flow quantities can be quickly implemented without any problems.

An additional benefit is automatic monitoring and documentation of the blast media flow. It provides proof that a given shotblast process has been run with precisely defined parameters.

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