Harness for 360° Height Safety

Height-safety products developer GUARDIAN launched its new B7-Comfort tower climbing harness in the U.S. and other regions following OSHA/ANSI regulations, a new entry to its portfolio of 360-degree height safety solutions.

Designed for tower climbers and those who work at height for extended periods, the B7-Comfort tower climbing harness features an integrated hip O-Ring design, a robust sub-pelvic strap, and a replaceable aluminum-based adjustable seat sling.

The new harness was engineered for superior mobility, “climbability,” and comfort when working at height all day.

Other design highlights of the Guardian B7-Comfort tower climbing harness include:

  • 360-degree hip mobility via 36-O chassis. This O-ring hip design integrates the torso and legs, while allowing them to move freely of each other for a truly unique and superior climbability;
  • Easily removeable/replaceable aluminum-based, padded seat sling with 6 inches of adjustability;
  • Double-locking DiaLock Torso Adjusters offer easy, quick, and precise adjustment;
  • Integrated Twiceme Safety Technology's® Helping the Helper® tech allows for quick and easy access of critical safety information during emergencies as well as product inspection logging and asset management; and,
  • Integrated trauma suspension relief straps in leg pads.

Sean Wirth, senior product manager at Guardian stated: “The B7-Comfort is already an award-winning design with many unique and patented features. We’re excited to tailor and bring this innovative harness to the telecommunications industry. We put a concerted effort into maintaining comfort and mobility while at height all day, and we’re confident this harness will meet those towering user needs.”

Learn more at www2.guardianfall.com.