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Foundry Management & Technology has been an independent source of information for the foundry and metalcasting industries since 1892.

For over 120 years, Foundry Management & Technology has provided executives, production management, purchasing, and process control personnel with information that focuses exclusively on their needs and the needs of their suppliers, and provides a comprehensive directory to the metalcasting market.

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[email protected]

Foundry Management & Technology
Oswald Centre
1100 Superior Avenue
Eighth Floor
Cleveland, OH 44114
Phone: (216) 696-7000
FAX: (216) 696-8208

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Robert Brooks
[email protected] 
(216) 931-9450

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Editorial Contact

Robert Brooks
[email protected]
(216) 931-9450

Sales Contact

Joe DiNardo
[email protected]
(440) 487-8001


Art Director

Bill Szilagyi
[email protected]
(216) 931-9697


Business Staff

Digital Director, Informa Infrastructure
Alex Dunne
[email protected] 

Senior Vice President of Marketing
Jacquie Niemiec
[email protected]

Director of Marketing
Angie Gates
[email protected] 

Director of Marketing (User Marketing)
Frank Chloupek
[email protected] 

Marketing Manager
Jennifer Ray
[email protected] 


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For subscription questions, please call 1-866-505-7173 (toll free) or 847-513-6022 (outside the U.S.)