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Palmer Manufacturing & Supply
Palmer Mfg. & Supply
A compaction table with a sand mixer, for improving no-bake molding effectiveness and casting quality.
Palmer Mfg. & Supply
Eck Industries’ new molding operation has tripled the foundry’s mold production rate, and automated mold handling has improved mold quality and operator safety.
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Macro photo of ceramic sand.
Palmer Mfg. & Supply
There are two basic types of sand reclamation systems – mechanical and thermal – to treat chemically bonded sand for reuse in molding and coremaking.

Jack Palmer

Jack Palmer is the president of Palmer Manufacturing & Supply Inc., a globally recognized supplier of metalcasting equipment, known for innovative, solution-driven engineering, and high-quality workmanship.  They specialize at producing heavy-duty No-Bake foundry equipment, including: sand mixers, molding systems, core room equipment, sand reclamation, mold handlers, pumping systems, resin heating systems, sand conditioning, compaction tables, mold and core coating equipment, and complete systems and engineering services.