All-In-One Shakeout and Reclamation Solution

All-In-One Shakeout and Reclamation Solution

Vibratory equipment specialist
Vibratory equipment specialist

Vibratory equipment specialist GENERAL KINEMATICS recently introduced a new series of shakeouts/sand attrition mills for metalcasting operations — the VIBRA-CLAIM series. The supplier reports the machines combine the proven performance of a direct drive shakeout with GK’s VIBRA-MILL® technology, for an “all-in-one shakeout and reclamation solution.”

The VIBRA-CLAIM uses a solid shakeout deck to remove sand molds from the castings. Once the sand separates from the casting, it is conveyed forward into the attrition section of the machine, allowing the casting to be removed.

Mounted on low-stress steel coil isolation springs to minimize the effects of vibration on the plant floor, VIBRA-CLAIM has an “open tub” design that GK states will eliminate the maintenance and operational problems inherent in multiple deck units.

Lumps are reduced to minus 20 mesh with original grain-size distribution and corresponding reduction in loss-on-ignition. With proper addition of new sand, reclaimed material is clean and ready for new mold production without further attrition, General Kinematics states.

The new machine series is powered by two self-contained motorized drives that create the vibrating action necessary to shakeout castings and to process sand lumps into original grain size. Motors are specially constructed for vibratory service, including a dust-tight, totally enclosed design. The drives are easy to access for service and maintenance.


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