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The speed|scan CT 64 scanner inspects a casting on a turntable by rotating the X-ray beam around the casting.

Fast, Automated CT Scanning

Feb. 1, 2024
Complete part inspection within seconds via rotating X-ray tube and multi-line detector

Most of the industrial-scale computed tomography (CT) systems used by foundries are based on the principle of fan-beam or cone-beam tomography. GE's Baker Hughes INSPECTION TECHNOLOGIES offers the speed|scan CT 64 scanner — a fast tomograph for inspecting metalcastings, and based on the principle of medical helical CT: It is not necessary to fix the part to be tested on a turntable and to rotate it in the X-ray beam; Instead, the part is simply placed on a moving platen.

Then, the CT gantry with its X-ray tube and multi-line detector rotates around the part — as for a medical CT scan — and scans the part within a few seconds. After simply placing any part on the sample stage and starting the associated test program, there is practically no set-up required.

A wide range of component types can be tested flexibly — and with high throughput. The particular advantage of the fast fan-beam helixCT is not only the short scanning time, but also the high-quality results, which are particularly low in scatter radiation artifacts, according to the system developer. This provides the operator with high-contrast 3D results in a very short time, making it possible to speed up inspection and analysis.

Inspection Technologies (IT), is a business unit of Baker Hughes, a General Electric company, offering non-destructive testing (NDT) technologies and services, including 2D X-ray systems and 3D computed tomography, as well as ultrasonic and remote visual inspection.

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