Ametek Auto Pour Pyrometer 800

Auto Pour Pyrometer for Metal-Temp Measurement

Jan. 14, 2020
Specially designed to collect temperature data accurately, without disrupting the pouring process.

AMETEK LAND introduced a new Auto Pour Pyrometer system for liquid metals in foundries, specially designed the system to measure liquid-metal temperatures accurately during pouring into molds, without disrupting the process. The liquid stream is the most direct point for gathering temperature readings for the pour. But, because the stream’s position is unstable and the mold surface changes during pouring, accurately measuring the temperature in a repeatable, consistent process requires a special system.

The Auto Pour Pyrometer System delivers these readings by providing one accurate value, which is measured and calculated for each pouring. The system generates this number by detecting the start and end of the pouring process and covering the stream’s entire area without disruption. It also monitors and reports these readings for further analysis and storage.

According to the developer, Auto Pour Pyrometer presents a rectangular field of view that allows the stream to move crosswise without losing the temperature measurement (stream tracking.) The system includes an application-specific spectral range that reduces errors caused by variable emissivity and atmospheric absorption.

Ametek Land notes that the alignment process is simple, with adjustable focus and through-the-lens sighting. Analog and alarm outputs assist in process control and automated notification of out-of-range metal temperatures, and graphical and numerical displays or provided to monitor temperatures.

A rugged housing is provided to help pyrometers endure foundry environments, and the system features an air/water cooling jacket and an air-purge unit to protect from excessive heat and to maintain a clean lens/window. Program software is provided to support live temperature and an alarm display, with logging-on temperature change.

Peter Unwin, global industry manager of metals for Ametek Land, said: “Precise information leads to more informed decisions during the pouring process, ultimately optimizing quality and performance.”

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