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ERP Release Brings Security Improvements

Feb. 18, 2020
New maintenance release includes multi-factor authentication enhancements, plus improvements to functionality and performance.

B&L INFORMATION SYSTEMS issued Odyssey 6.2 Maintenance Release 4 for general availability, noting it includes several important enhancements that improve functionality, performance, and security for the metalcasting-specific ERP.

“We are assisting the metalcasting industry in become more cyber-secure by encoding security improvements directly into Odyssey," according to Brad Clark, R&D manager. "With the release of 6.2MR4, companies using Odyssey will have the ability to require multi-factor authentication (MFA) for logging into Odyssey. This security can even be activated on a user-by-user basis, as needed."

Odyssey is an enterprise-resource planning product developed specifically for foundries, diecasters, and investment casters. The Odyssey platform includes modules that meet specific functions for metalcasting operations — manufacturing, sales, inventory, quality control, finance, and data analytics —so that information can be shared and received by everyone in the organization.

Clark continued: “For accessing Odyssey, B&L supports and recommends a number of browsers. But, with the release of 6.2MR4, B&L will no longer be supporting the use of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer with Odyssey. There are newer browsers with more robust security which are fully supported by B&L. We hope these changes from B&L make data security one less worry for foundries and die casters.”

Odyssey 6.2 MR4 also includes several notable functional improvements, for example, a molding line enhancement that integrates with the Shop Floor Manager. In its simplest form, this allows operators to report "molds poured" or "molds not poured." In its most advanced form, this enhancement allows integration with automated molding lines. Also, the Odyssey Application Program Interface (API) is being enhanced to include supplemental production endpoints to support the Shop Floor Manager integration with automated molding lines.

Another improvement involves the Odyssey’s new vacation tracking enhancement previously released in 6.2.

And, the Data Explorer Wizard has been modified for performance improvements, and a new "Save As" option has been added.

All Odyssey release information, including for Odyssey 6.2 MR4, is now available through Rapid Support — available within Odyssey Web UI or via the B&L customer portal (Customer Login) for customers on Windows UI.

Any assistance needed in the update process is free for any customers on maintenance with B&L. Odyssey customers on the B&L Cloud will be contacted with the update schedule.
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